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Sometimes we're too busy to date, so why not get straight to the point and become someone’s F-Buddy!

F-Buddy’s Are Perfect For People Who Don’t Have Time.

We all know meeting a women isn’t easy and can take time, even then, you’re not guaranteed anything. It’s a busy world we live in, we don’t have time or want the stress a relationship carries, and we basically want no-strings sex, without the relationship. Whether you know it or not, what you’re looking for is an F-Buddy. For those who don’t know what F-Buddies / F-Buddy’s are, it’s a like-minded person who is there for you on purely a sexual basis. F-Buddy’s are not looking for a relationship, or to date, oh no, it’s just pure no strings attached fun they want. And what’s wrong with that! F-Buddies is a dating site, but the dating part is only the initial meeting.

Naughty Dating

What is the difference with naughty dating? Naughty dating is giving you the opportunity to meet women, who you would not normally meet and you both having an understanding that there is no relationship, no-strings, it’s just to "get naughty". Getting naughty how? We’ll imagen you have lost all your inhibitions because you know it maybe a one night stand… it could be on going… but you do know there isn’t any relationship to maintain, there are no false pretences, so you’ll find your night will be much more pleasurable and you’ll find yourself trying new things you have never tried before, it’s a no holes bared scenario!

Finding F-Buddy’s and Naughty Chat is easy.

It's not rocket science, but you need to give some thought when searching for an f-buddy on our site. You need to ask yourself some questions, such as; do I want to meet local f-buddy’s, someone within walking distance, or a short car ride, or you may already be in a relationship and are looking for something else, so you may want f-buddies further away. The age old saying “don’t judge a book on its cover” applies to member profile pictures. How someone looks in a picture, doesn’t indicate how they’ll perform in the bedroom. Casting the net wide helps improve your chances, don’t just email and have naughty chat with one person, you need to contact multiple people, and if your luck is in, you could have more than one f-buddy to get naughty with just from a few naughty chat messages and emails.